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‘Four Seasons’ economic workshop

‘Four Seasons’ economic workshop :
  • Bahrain

Several media, economic and political delegations thronged the lobbies and halls of the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Manama, Bahrain to attend economic workshop concerning the occupied Palestinian territories in the presence of representatives from Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.

The controversial conference, supported by the United States Administration, was directed by President Trump’s Advisor Jared Kushner who exerted extraordinary efforts to ensure success of the conference.

The conference simply discussed what has been resonating for two years as regards the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’, which according to frequent statements, amounts to the final solution to Palestinian issue through opening of new areas of settlement for Palestinians and establishing massive economic projects to engage thousands of Palestinian workforce.

Palestinians, who are the basic party and real subject of the issue did not approve of the project, which appears to be a blessing in outlook and punishment in disguise.

They rather boycotted it, while condemning the conveners and organizers, because the deal could bury the right of Palestinians forever – as it discriminates against the victims and rewards the hangman!

A friend asked me few days ago: Do you anticipate the participation of Kuwait in the Bahrain Conference? My response was that any follower of Kuwait’s stance will not go out of two possibilities; First of all, attending the conference will not change anything, meaning it’ll be a mere honorary attendance.

Secondly, Kuwait could attend the conference to flatter the host nation, because it is difficult for the country to actively participate in a conference that contradicts its ideologies.

Official report later had it that Kuwait did not participate in the conference.

This is the possibility I didn’t mention, but it aligns with the spirit of the idea. Kuwait maintains a single principle and never deviates from that path.

It is true that Kuwait still remembers the injury incurred since the Iraqi invasion, but the principle is the vocal point upon which her decision stands.

The principle is that the issue of Palestine is the primary issue of Arabs, so a comprehensive and fair peaceful resolution must be attained. Any other thing can happen later. It is for this reason that Kuwait’s position of toward the economic workshop is not surprising!

The Palestinian issue cannot be resolved through a conference convened by Kushner to make a point and let it appear like a rescuer to the Jews (by the way, he is a Jew). We will not be part of the so-called Deal of the Century about which we hear and read without knowing its whereabouts. Is it real or not?

The Palestinian issue can only be resolved by fair and comprehensive peace, not conferences that are of no effect. It can’t be resolved through Iranian propagandas that always claim solidarity with Palestine and Al-Quds – for which it established Al-Quds Army that only acts in military drills within Iran. It is even beyond Iran’s allies such that Houthis in the Northern Yemen raise the slogan ‘Solidarity with Palestine and Death to America’. They know more than anybody else that their action is a mere comedy!

There are spoilers among the Palestinian leaders who stand for no solution; thus, the real solution will come from Palestinians with the help of moderate countries to ensure that fair and comprehensive peace is achieved in a way that all parties involved will not be hurt, and there will be no intemperance or negligence.

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