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Kuwait launches e-driving license system

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior launched on Wednesday an e-driving license system to provide convenience for motorists, the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) said.

Salem Al-Ajmi, head of specialized training center at the ministry’s traffic sector, said the new system will help users login to the e-gate and open an account to pay traffic fines and renew driving license through filling in an electronic form.

The form and content of the new driving license will be changed to be more secured and developed, he said.

The new electronic driving license is compatible with the standards of the international certificate “ISO,” he said, noting that this will enable motorists to use the new driving license in most countries, which implement the same system.

The ministry also installed Wednesday 100 traffic cameras to help monitor and follow up traffic and register violations committed by drivers on roads and intersections, KUNA said.

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2018/06/01 at 3:00 AM

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