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Kuwait Passes another Test

Kuwait Passes another Test : Google

Kuwait has passed another test and has confirmed its ability to traverse rough political terrain.

The appointment of Sheikh Meshaal al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah as crown prince reveals that Kuwait is a state with respect toward its institutions before anything else. After the death of the emir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah, Kuwait chose continuity and stability.

In a transition that was as smooth as it was transparent, Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah became emir.

Easily and smoothly, the National Assembly approved the choice of the emir, who appointed Sheikh Meshaal. Easily and smoothly, there is now a new crown prince.

Kuwait is following the legacy left behind by Sheikh Sabah, who, with his wisdom and farsightedness, was able to push the country forward after the 1990 Iraqi occupation.

Sheikh Sabah demonstrated that Kuwait cannot remain beholden to its complicated past and must focus, instead, on the future.

There is no doubt that Sheikh Meshaal will play an important role under the auspices of the emir in preventing any transgression that might harm the prestige of our country, the provisions of our constitution or our laws. Kuwait always was and always will be a state of law and order.

The construction boom that Kuwait has witnessed in recent years will likely continue to unfold, and the capital city will continue to develop and change for the better.

New roads have been paved, parks have opened, and a new opera house and neighborhoods are being built. Kuwait is quietly moving ahead.

The most important thing in the recent developments is that the political transfer of power has been exceptionally smooth.

This is the ultimate proof that Kuwait’s state institutions are the real guardians of its stability. Only one week separated the death of Sheikh Sabah and the inauguration of the new emir and the appointment of the new crown prince.

One week indicates that Kuwait has a ruling family that knows how to organize its affairs smoothly and ably.

The near future will reveal that a stable Kuwait will help ensure the stability of the entire region in light of the great challenges facing each country.

Once again, Kuwait has been able to show its civilized and democratic face, which is often ignored or overlooked.

There is no doubt that great challenges await us, chief of which is the economy, but here, too, there is no doubt that there is hope for the future.

Kuwait is full of talent that will not hesitate to put its knowledge and experience at the disposal of a country that deserves to thrive and prosper.

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