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Kuwaiti owner faces prosecution after runaway lion drama

Kuwaiti security personnel have captured a runaway lion in the Kabad district in Kuwait and handed it over to the local zoo.

According to Kuwait News Agency, authorities rapidly deployed a team and caught the beast “in a very short period of time” on Wednesday.

Ali Al-Gattan, deputy director general of Kuwait Livestock Authority, said the lion is likely to have escaped from an owner who kept the lion as a pet.

The owner has not yet been identified but legal procedures will be taken against him for violations of a law that prohibits raising a wild animal that poses a danger to others in houses in Kuwait, he added.

Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior issued a statement confirming that the lion, who appeared in a video clip on social media networks, was caught after personnel from the Public Security, the Environment Police and Al-Najdah Police rushed to the location where the animal was last seen.

Article 101 of the country’s Environment Protection law stipulates that the owner could face up to three years in jail and a $165 fine.

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2018/10/15 at 10:20 PM

Source : Arabian Business | Photo credit : Google

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