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Masked men sought as cash van robbed

Police are looking for two unidentified masked men for stealing more than KD 200,000 from a car belonging to money exchange company, reports Al-Anba daily.

A security source said according to a complaint filed by an Indian with the Salhiya Police Station, he and an Iranian coworker was in the money exchange car when the suspects crashed into their vehicle and forced them to pull over.

He added, the men were armed with a sledge hammer and threatened to kill them before escaping with the money.

A security source has ruled out collusion of the Indian and the Iranian with the robbers because they have been transporting money much more than the looted sum.

The source suggested the robbers might have put the looted vehicle under surveillance and decided to commit the crime on the first day of Ramadan, taking advantage of fairly empty streets.

The source also suggested the robbers may have used a stolen vehicle or stolen numbers plate.

Police are looking at the CCTV footage taken by cameras installed in nearby shops where the incident took place. In the meantime, personnel from the Criminal Evidences Department have lifted fingerprints from the vehicle.

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2018/05/21 at 1:00 PM

Source : Arab Times Online | Photo credit : Google

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